Greta Ludwig

Greetings to all my fellow Ladies in Yellow, past and present. As we are coming to a close of our amazing 75th year of service. It's nice to pause and reflect on the legacy and blessings that the Service League of Baytown has given to our community for so many years. We have a wonderful group of ladies that have a heart for service and truly wish to make a positive impact in our world. Thank you to all our current active and provisional members for your service this year! I know many of us work and balance successfully our service and committees! Thank you to all our Life Members, who formed and paved the way for our non-profit organization serving the community since 1948. We always appreciate all the support you give.

Our 55th Charity Ball, Mad Masquerade was held on October 8, 2022. Charity Ball Chairman Bailey Byford, Assistant Hannah Jackson and committees helped to design a lovely ball at the St. Regis in Houston. Members solicited underwriting donations, live and silent action items from our generously giving community. The Mad Masquerade Ball was a huge success and afforded us the ability to continue serving our community. 

In the fall, we also began vision and hearing screenings of students at GCCISD, BHISD, BCA, and Chinquapin Preparatory School. Projects Chairman Kelly Samora has worked tirelessly to keep us on schedule and our vision and hearing machines in working order. The Baytown and Mont Belvieu area is growing exponentially. Hence, many new schools have been added in the districts. We appreciate all her hard work with our number of membership to get every spot filled on the calendar each month.

Stephanie Manly excels in coordinating our service at the Baytown Historical Museum. We have added service days to the calendar to account for the growing community, as well. The Service League of Baytown won the Christmas Tree Contest at the museum this December. Thank you Stephanie for your creative decorating gifts. One of my favorite traditions in the League is the Annual Christmas Brunch that is to honor our lovely Life Members during the holiday season. This year it was held at the Baytown Historical Museum. Chairman Brandi Rodriguez and committee designed a fabulous event and we had a great turn out from Life Members. We also adopted well deserving Christmas Families and partnered with Kirstyn’s Krew ( who provides foster children with a Christmas shopping experience. The Service League was able to bless 17 children  with Christmas gifts. Amazing job, Hannah!

Golden Age Bingo has always been a fan favorite. So much so, that we now host two locations at J.D. Walker and Hilltop. Jackie Williams keeps all the seniors stocked up in grand Bingo prizes and has had such high numbered turnouts for the game. Another rewarding project is our Bi-annual Birthday Celebration, serving cake and Ice cream to the students at Chinquapin Preparatory School. Also, our Senior graduation gift bags are given to the Chinquapin Preparatory students. Dayana Sprano is the Chairman of Chinquapin and puts so much thought and care into making the students feel special.

Brandi Rodriguez is our Treasurer and is doing a superb undertaking. We are so grateful for her. The League and Brandi have worked hard to steward all funds donated with clarity and transparency of all financials. Due to our good stewardship and fundraising it has enabled the League to raise the scholarship amount this year. The scholarships will be given to six graduating students from GCCISD and BHISD with a heart for service. Also, this is our second year to bring the Donations Committee, of which Greta Ludwig is the Chairman. The Service League was able to donate to 8 local organizations in the Baytown area. Those include: Emma’s Hugs, Project Graduation, Bates Collision, Cancer Center of Baytown-Methodist, Donate a book to each school or city library, Baytown Historical Museum, Meals on Wheels, and Lions Club. The League is so pleased to have the ability to give back to others. 

In closing I want to personally thank current active membership! Your hard work and dedication to the League is inspiring. With that said, we are always looking to increase our numbers. I would earnestly implore our Life Members to consider any special women with a heart for service to send them in the Service Leagues direction. Our changing world is making it more difficult to find good volunteers to carry on our torch!

Thank you for all your continued support.


Kacie Fivecoat

President 2022-2023

Hannah Screen


We have been very busy working on our projects. Between April ’22-December’22 the Service League of Baytown completed 200 hours of service! We screened almost 10,000 students, hosted numerousmbingos at JD Walker Community Center and Eagle Pointe, and assisted GCCISD in museum tours of our local history museum. The beginning of 2023 is off to a great start and we look forward to more screenings and service work.

Kelly Samora



Charity Ball 2022 was a roaring success and we truly hope that everyone had a wonderful time. We are so thankful for our underwriters, silent and live auction donors, and each and everyone of you that attended our Mad Masquerade at the St. Regis Houston. Because of this event we are able to continue to serve the Baytown community, and it was an honor to serve as your ball chairman. My co-chair, Hannah Jackson, is already hard at work for next year’s Charity Ball… stay tuned. 

Bailey Byford


Ball selfie
CF 2022

Christmas Family

The Service League of Baytown was proud to team up with Kirstyn's Krew, GCCISD, BHISD, and Bates Custom Collison this Christmas season. The League was able to impact seventeen individuals with our donations of time, money and gifts! League members shopped with area foster children as part of Kirstyn's Krew's annual Christmas event. We also provided items for needy students and families through our connections with GCCISD and BHISD. A donation was also made to Bates Custom Collison for their annual toy drive.

Hannah Jackson




We are so pleased to have been given the opportunity to celebrate Fall birthdays with the amazing and brilliant student body of the Chinquapin Preparatory School.  This celebration included students with birthdays falling between June and December.  The 125 birthday students indulged in cake, ice cream, and root beer floats.  We were gifted with their smiling faces and cheerfully festive dispositions.

Dayana Sprano


Life Members CB23


This year has brought big changes for our museum docents. With the growth of the Baytown area we have now doubled our museum tours! We now give GCCISD third graders tours every Thursday during the school year. The museum also underwent a major reconfiguration of their layout over the summer to maximize space and create a better flow. We were also able to host our annual Christmas Brunch celebrating Life Members at the museum!

Stephanie Manly


Golden Age

 Monthly Bingos are held at both, JD Walker Community Center, and Hilltop Community Center. We have a wonderful time hosting this event for our communities’ seniors. There is an abundance of prizes and laughter at these gatherings. We truly enjoy hosting this as much as our seniors enjoy playing!

Jackie Williams